Wednesday, October 23, 2013

ReaderKidZ Review - Ode to Halloween

It's hard to believe fall is knocking on our door again and Halloween is around the corner. Trick or Treat!

We're shopping for pumpkins. Are you?

Kids carving pumpkins in 2012

Brainstorming costume ideas. What will we be this year?

2011's costumes with the family

Baking pumpkin chocolate cupcakes, thanks for inspiring us author Cory Putman Oakes (get recipe HERE)!

And naturally, reading scary and sweet books! Today, I highlight two new books to hit library and bookstore shelves and I hope you enjoy them as much as we did!  Just hop on over to ReaderKidZ and read my review "Ode to Halloween!".

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

Friday, October 11, 2013

ReaderKidZ Review - Prisoner 88

Over at ReaderKidZ it's Historical Fiction month, and I couldn't be happier than to review Leah Pileggi's debut novel Prisoner 88 (Charlesbridge, 2013) for their many readers! To read the review click HERE.

Prisoner 88 is one of those novels that will get under your skin. You'll feel for Jake and his predicament. The ten-year-old is in jail for killing a man. For killing a man who was trying to harm his father. It's a great example of cause and effect. How life can turn on a dime. How one decision can change your life. One minute your life is flowing in one direction, and in another it's overflowing its banks and taking you into uncharted territory. Pileggi peers deep inside her protagonist and peels back the layers for us. Jake's courage, hope, and unfailing resolve to see the good in people, to make the most of his situation, and to carve a new path for his future are nothing short of inspirational. Prisoner 88 is unputdownable and unforgettable.

Make sure you check out Odette's Secrets by Maryann Macdonald (Bloomsbury, 2013) too. It's about a young Jewish girl surviving World War II in France. Click HERE to read an interview with the author.

Check in at ReaderKidZ throughout the month of October for many more great books, resources, reviews, interviews, and activities surrounding the theme of Historical Fiction!