Friday, October 10, 2014

ReaderKidZ Review - On the Wing

I write reviews for children's books for many reasons.

One, I know what it feels like to discover a gem of a book you haven't heard about or seen before and I want to share the magic of that discovery with other readers.

Two, I think writing children's book reviews is another tool a writer can use to educate themselves on the craft of writing. You learn so much when you examine a book with a reviewer's eye. With picture books, you focus on the blend of art and text and you look to see how the story is extended through the illustrations. You examine the text for its musicality, rhythm, cadence, and patterns. Is it fun to read? Does the story engage? Then surprise you at the end?

And three, I write children's reviews because I LOVE language and I LOVE story.

So on that note hop on over to ReaderKidZ and read my review of On the Wing by David Elliott and Becca Stadtlander (Candlewick, 2014) HERE.

Enjoy the incredible art by Becca Stadtlander in the book trailer!

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