Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Life Makes the Writing Life Hard

So it's been a little crazy at our house lately. Actually a lot lately. It really hasn't slowed down since the beginning of 2011. 

Husband's work has been out-of-control busy like on-call 24/7. He's always on-call 24/7 but in the past it hasn't really been that bad. There have been sporadic busy times when things get crazy for a week, but then things slow down and life is good. Not that life hasn't been good, but it's been super hectic with his work and that in turn ends up affecting us all. Wife, kids, dogs. Of course, we adjust and adapt and we rearrange the schedule and make it all work, but in the process a few things get dropped. 
On top of that, it was an unusually busy spring with writing events. All good, let me tell you! All good. But it does add another layer of business to our schedule. Then the kids were sick. A lot sick this spring. Yuck! Never fun! And I had house guests for a month, my mom and her beau, which was a blessing, but it definitely made it challenging to write and concentrate when I'm used to just listening to the dog snore. Instead, every few minutes, I heard, "Not another prisoner! Dang you! You'd better not go out, again!" My mom and beau are card sharks. They played every morning, for hours, while they sipped their coffee.

So what is it I'm trying to say here? Life makes the writing life hard.

Life gets crazy sometimes. It doesn't always stick to our schedules. And it doesn't like routines. LIfe has no routine. We must try and find organization and routine in amongst the chaos and craziness. And sometimes we have to relax our reigns on routines and adjust and adapt and rearrange the schedule to make our writing life work. 
It's not easy. 
We don't like change. 
We're habitual creatures. 
So there you go. I just gave you three excuses to use for why you can't change your routine. But you won't use one. Why?
Because I know you're not a quitter. If you were, you wouldn't still be reading this blog. So relax the reigns. Adjust. Adapt. And rearrange the schedule. Make your writing life work for you. Don't let the craziness of life drive your writing into seclusion. No hibernation allowed either. 
You're a survivor. A roll-with-the-punches kind of person. A get-up-after-life-has-knocked-you-down kind of person. 
Think of it this way...
It's harder not to write then it is to write.
So when life seems to be affecting your writing life try this: be flexible, have an open mind, try something new, just write and in my case, wear ear plugs.  
Hubby has been working from home for a month now.
On the phone. 

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