Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Book Review: Monkey Colors

Monkey Colors by Darrin Lunde, illustrated by Patricia J. Wynne (Charlesbridge, July 2012).

This 32-page picture book is perfect for the child learning to read with its simple language and use of many sight words. Lunde introduces children to twelve kinds of monkeys and the many colors they come in. And at the end of the book, he invites them to choose their favorite.

There's so much to love about this book: the primary colors, the repeating word pattern, the beautiful watercolor illustrations by Wynne, and the facts and map in the back matter that allow educators and parents to share more. Lunde also points out that the monkeys in the book would never be seen together in the wild as they come from all over the world. Monkey Colors is a rare find just like some of the endangered species in the book. And it'll have kids itching to explore the natural world and undoubtedly monkeying around! Ook. Ook. Ook.

 A page from Monkey Colors.

Join me tomorrow as I interview Darrin Lunde and learn more about his job as museum mammologist and how he's sharing his love of mammals with children. 

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